PainVision ® PS-2100 quantifies the level of pain using electrical stimulation. Pain management can be made effective and simple during a diagnosis by incorporating “pain level”, displayed as an objective value, in combination with the visual analog scale, a subjective value reflecting psychological factors.

Benefits of quantifying postoperative pain

Quantification of post-operative pain can facilitate the best postoperative management plan (treatment plan) for patients and physicians. By establishing a postoperative management plan, physicians, hospitals and patients can obtain the following benefits:

For Physicians

By quantifying postoperative pain, a physician can reduce unnecessary pain management procedures on an affected area and establish an appropriate treatment plan from postoperative treatment to rehabilitation.

For Hospitals

By establishing a postoperative treatment plan until rehabilitation, a hospital can secure profit from providing high-quality medical services.

For Patients

By optimizing postoperative management, a patient can receive high-quality medical services, safe and secure treatment and postoperative procedures.

  1. Quantification of pain enables a patient to share its discomfort level with the physician which may lead to identification of a disease.
  2. Psychogenic pain due to chronic pain (e.g., insomnia, depression) may be prevented.
  3. Neurogenic pain may be diagnosed and treated appropriately.