The beginning of the 21st Century heralds an age in which men and women, both young and old, assimilate preventative medicine. Spearheaded by a comprehensive government policy called “Health Japan 21”, implemented by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan has become pro-active in promoting the advancement of preventative medicine.

From its inception, Osachi Co., Ltd. has researched and developed various medical products with blood pressure monitors leading the way and always with “Happiness, Health and Active Impact” as our guiding principal.

As our goal, Osachi Co., Ltd. seeks to contribute in preservation of human life and enhancement of health, while promoting researches with a global vision.

In a world where innovation in medical technology is increasingly necessary, Osachi Co., Ltd. pro-actively strives to promote joint-research between academia and industry, and to develop medical technology and products that are immediately applicable where it counts the most. In order to accomplish these goals, we will continue to be diligent and earnest moving forward.

CEO and President
Futoshi Shirakawa