Company Profile

Osachi is the global leader in development, manufacturing and sales of pain assessment and ASI/pulse wave analysis products. Established in 1981, we began by manufacturing movements and sensors for aneroid sphygmomanometers.

Since then, we have designed and developed digital sphygmomanometers, and from 1992 and onward, we have been designing and developing our original products for medical institutions. Specifically, we have been developing software and hardware products with pulse wave analysis function. In addition, we have been developing devices to quantify pain felt by the human body in parallel with our other line of products since 1998.

Currently, our focus is on the development of pain assessment and pulse wave measurement related products with the latest technology available, to meet the demands and needs of researchers, general consumers and the service industry (education/corporations/fitness and expert services).

We have gained market approval when it comes to product value, as various medical fields and industries, practicing doctors and researchers have all given high praises.

As our long-term high priority goal, we are continuously seeking strategic partnerships to conduct join research for introducing new products and concepts to the market.



Approved by the medium and small-sized business creation activity promotion law

Nagano invention device exhibition (33rd)
The prize of Chairperson at association of invention CardioVision®

New cooperation enterprise authorization
The Kanto economy industrial office, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Theme: Development and commercialization of “pain”/“perception” quantification analysis system for medical use

The prize for Promoting Machine Industry (5th)
The prize of Chairperson at association of machine promotion
Theme: “Development of pain quantification device”

Selected as one of Japan’s 300 Dynamic Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)

Industry-university co-operation official cooperation success 128 companies of SMEs

December 1991

September 1998

October 2002

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August 2008


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2-9-11, Osachi kohagi, Okaya, Nagano, Japan
+81 266 28 0866
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